Philips Hue Bridge connection to the Internet (and to Homey)


I am considering the use of the Philips Hue Bridge, via the app with Homey.

Does the Hue Bridge need an Internet connection to work together with Homey, or is a (local) Wi-Fi connection with Homey (same Wi-Fi network) enough?

Or only a Zigbee connection with Homey?

I am not talking about programming the Bridge, just the “normal” interaction with Homey.

One of the advantages of Homey is that it works without an internet connection. I do not want the Philips Bridge to affect with this.


You can simply install the Philips Hue app and add your lights and accessories to your Homey.
No need for an internet connection for the bridge.

Not entirely, it requires a working internet connection for authenticating access. Once an app has been authenticated, it needs to reauthenticate every once in a while (I think every two weeks).

Clear, thanks :+1:

OK, that explains the message form Homey: “I can’t reach the server … “.
Good to know, thanks :+1: .