Can i connect philips hue light without the hub?

So im using philips hue with the hub
And recently i encounter signal problem for my zigbee motion sensor.
And i understand i can use an zigbee powerd device to extand my signal ( zigbee light)

Can i connect the philips hue light ( i have one more extra) to my homy hub without using the hue hub?


Yes you can.
There are two apps in the store for Hue devices and one is for use with the hub and the other for use without.

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will it extend my zigbee range?


Ok thanks !!

It will extend the mesh for all devices connected to the same hub only. Homey connected devices form a separate mesh from all Hue hub connected devices, they have their own mesh.

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i cant connect the bulb to my homey
i try to add generic zigbee device but it stuck on
“enter your device to pair mode…”

i deleted the bulb from hue app
but still cant find it in homey
i dont have the remote to reset the bulb
what do i do? how di u reset it ?

ok just did it.
i connect the bulb (somhow it worked)
and now i have the light information

Product ID:
Service ID:
Profile ID:
but i didn’t understood where and who the send the screen shot
this link on github is broken

what to do now ?

This is the right GitHub link:

Btw, what Homey Firmware and what Philips Hue ZigBee App version do you use?
And which IDs do you find out?

so homey app version is 6.2
philips hue is katest one… i dont know how to chack specific version

the ids i find out was:
Product ID:----
Device ID: -----
Profile ID:------
only with the numbers

but now i have 2 other qustion
a. i cant find my bulb in the page

my bulb is e27 and homey identified it as a19(also i cant find in this page )

  1. what ti write on this guthub? (never used it…just open my account now)

and thank you all for the help

This is the version of the Homey app (smartphone).
I asked for the Homey Firmware version (4.2 or 5.x) and the version of the Philips Hue Zigbee app for Homey (v2.0.1x).
The reason why I asked for, because two days ago a new version of the Philips Hue Zigbee app (v2.0.18) with a lot of new devices was released. Maybe you use the old version and your bulb isn’t supported.

And what numbers?
These numbers are not a secret. With these numbers I wanted to check if the lamp is already supported.

On GitHub you can make a request in the “Issues” section and ask the developer for adding the bulb. Therefore you need the IDs.
You can also post the request in this thread.

oh lol
i was thinking iwas not need to publish this number…like ip adress :smiley:

Product ID:LCT015
Device ID: 528
Profile ID:49246

i presse on isssue on the git hub page and send him this message:

i did everything according the app instruction and i have this data:
Product ID:LCT015
Device ID: 528
Profile ID:49246

this is my bulb

thank you so much ! i hope it’s ok

my homy version is 4.2
i need to update it or something?

I had a look, the E26 lamp does not seem to be supported yet. So there is no need to update anything.

You have to create a new issue.

Or make a request in the above linked thread… :man_shrugging:t3:

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Ammm ok so this is exactly what i did earlier…now i just need to wait until he add it?

And thank u for all the help!

Do i need to update my homey version? How do i do it if so?

OK, but I found nothing. But it’s on you.


I do not recommend updating to firmware v5.x. The firmware v5.x still has beta status and is partly buggy.
However, it is possible that the developer of the Philips Hue Zigbee app adds the lamp to the app which is only compatible with the Homey firmware v5.x.
For more information and questions, please go to the thread mentioned above.

What do u mean u found nothing?

Maybe i didn’t send the requestor did something wrong?

And ok i will have a look on the thread
10x :slight_smile: