Do you know if homey bridge works with internet break?

I don’t know if i can use homey bridge if my internet is invalable for exemple

Homey Bridge is driven by cloud. So even though the Homey Cloud may be able to talk to the device cloud, the device cloud won’t be able to reach your home. Homey cloud would also not be able to communicate with the bridge. So no, it would be dead in the water for the most part.

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Thx Edwin ! :slight_smile: We need homey pro in this case. :wink:

You also need to ensure all devices are locally accessible via the Pro as well as even the Pro talks to a lot of cloud systems.

What the solution to use connect object if internet is down ? We have already internet on my phone at least.

Replace your Homey Bridge with a Homey Pro.

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Correct. With the aforementioned caveat. For example: Hue bridge won’t work on a Homey Pro with no internet. Found that out the hard way ;).

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With no internet or with no WiFi?