Internet outage


Having my homey pro since a few years now,
Yesterday i had an internet outage, Wifi signal was still working

The homey mobile app was unreachable, nothing worked anymore
I thought that with a wifi signal, some things would still work??

From what I know from other people having this issue, automations will usually still work when your internet connection is down (although I’m not sure if WiFi-controlled devices will also work), you just can’t control Homey in any way because authentication relies on Athom’s cloud servers.

Internet or not, when I’m on wifi Homey is connected via wifi with the phone app (“Connrction” local).
It also says “Athom Cloud status” Connected,
but that shouldn’t be an issue when temporary disconnected.

So I guess there was also an issue with your wifi in some way. Or was Homey the only device in the house with no connection?

So you stopped the Homey app, disabled your Internet connection, started the Homey app again and this is what’s being shown? Disabling your internet connection for a few minutes is probably not causing a big problem, but what happens when your connection is gone for more than, say, 30 minutes?

No this was when all’s fine.
I’m happy to test like you propose, curious how long Homey can do without internet.

I just did. Pulled the internet plug for 2hrs and Homey stayed online (local) through wifi the whole time.

Odd, at some point all app icons, all non-custom device tile icons and profile pics were vanished.
Off-topic: All Tuya wifi devices kept responding too, using the Tuya phone app.

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You’re talking about “nothing in home” or 'bout “nothing from app” ?
And one more question: How is Your phone connected? I mean, is there used some nasty “secure wi-fi”, mobile providers push last years. This one actually means, Your phone is VPN-ed to provider (and actually does not “sees” others in local wi-fi). If local internet outage, then connection goes over mobile data (outside anyway).

And as far, i know, when no internet

  1. Bridge is totally offline (but this is not current case here)
  2. Pro internal logics are working over local connections (Z-wave, Z-bee, B-tooth, IP, IR ;)…
  3. … but IP-cloud devices (Google, Logitech, …) does not working
  4. Connections to HomeyP (PC/weeb; App; …) are working until the authorization (bearer) lasts, presumption, the bearer was obtained before internet outage. From my experiments the refresh token expires_in ‘3660’ but there may be other timers for other applications than “test-public-nonproduct” one.

Corrections are welcome :wink:

FYI, I could only connect to Homey Pro through the phone app while internet was disconnected. & did (obviously) not connect with Homey. - Sweden, Stockholm by Inc. - - Sweden, Stockholm by Inc.

… or United States Florida/Washington, but still Amazon’s and NOT Your local WiFi ones.

PS. Not related with current issue, but there is one more problem with external/internal IP’s with Homey. The local Homey (Pro) certificate is issued for name - and working correctly. BUT as the IP address is local, then some security-aware nameservers/local networks does not allow the name to IP resulution for and… reverse lookup, better let’s not talk about :slight_smile:

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