Homey Offline after power out?

I have had my Homey unpowered for about 1,5 month due to renovation. When powered up again it is “Offline” in the app.
However, the router states it has a IP etc. The app also acknowledges that it was “last seen” just about a while ago.
However, it is still after 15 minutes unreachable in the app as Offline.

Any ideas that can save me from having to re-pair with every signel device in my house after a reset? :frowning:

Edit it is unpowered and the powered again to check if that woudl help. Ring does not indicate any problem (turned off as configured) and orange as usual during startup.

I’m sorry Christer, you registered today and read for 2 mins on this forum.
Did you use the search function before posting your Q?
What did you find?
If none: Why is your situation different?
Some effort from your side is more appreciated👌 and increases the chance of members willing to help you out.