Homey offline with Homey v5.0

Hi, since this morning I have the problem that Homey always displays “Homey is offline”. I have already repeatedly reconnected to the network, rebooted and also restarted the router several times. Does anyone have an idea?

I tried with a new adapter and a new cabel. Same problem

Has IT a fixed op adress in the router. ?
Try To set your router on a other channel.

For me this is happening for a couple of days now. What I did NOT change:

  • Anything in my router/network/…
  • Anything manual in Homey

What I am running:

  • Homey 1st gen with latest auto update of 5.0.0 (>3 RC’s is btw very, very, very weird)
  • Kaku patched update version (a roll ‘forward’ from 5.0.1 to 6.0.0 for a roll back for a very minor (.y) release is very, very, very weird).

What is happening:

  • Me not being able to access homey from the website or app
  • Homey showing me a orange rotating ring and then after that a red ring
  • Me being able to connect for a short period
  • Goto 1

What I cannot find:

  • the log file to identify the culprit
  • any other thing related to this…

What I want:

  • A quick fix so I get access my homey do make screenshots to move everything to OpenHAB


That’s a bad sign. If you can’t fix it with a different power supply and/or a “full update” (instructions here, steps 1-5), you may have to contact Athom to return your Homey to them for a re-flash.

Thanks, but…
1: I have lots of 2.0 A 5V USB power supplies (they work worse than the Athom supplied one). But I have no 2.5A ones. (weird that this solves things btw… Changes in the ‘os/homey’ that make it more power hungry and crash???)
2: Homey boots, homey can be accessed, homey crashes/… (can’t find any logfile anywhere, did not try the CLI yet)
3: Rather than spend the time and money on buying a 2.5 A USB adapter and/or getting homey flashed, I think I spend this on a Raspberry PI and OpenHAB (for several reasons which I won’t get into since I sincerely hope Athom survives and won’t to little, to late for me. But major one being that the original USP of Dutch speech recognition, was later dropped for a new USP: Support of Google/Amazon/… Working on my own locally run Dutch speech recognition now).

Thanks anyway… Will just try the recovery and full update, otherwise bad luck and will have to do things from the top of my head instead of screenshots.

I suddenly remembered I have a battery pack that can provide > 2.5A @ 5V. When I tried another 2.0A USB adapter earlier, this made homey stutter from the speakers and refused to start. Switching back to the Athom provided one made Homey fall back to the reboot sequences and red ring). A remarkable thing happened (two actually, but more about that later) when I tried the batterypack, Homey did not use more than 0.8A when I monitored on the battery pack, but it did start and worked without rebooting. Now this is already weird, but maybe understandable. The second remarkable thing is that when after this I tried the default Homey adapter, Homey got stutters from the speaker and a semi white stuttering ring. This did not happen before in my other adapters attempt. Hmmm… So the adapter definitely seems to be the culprit but WHY this behaviour. And why nothing visible in the logging? Maybe I should have checked the OS messages log. And even weirder is that it now also works with a different 2.0A adapter… (from my samsung phone)… Weird

Homey is a black box. There is no (user-accessible) logging, SSH access, or console.

Homey may be using 800mA when it’s idle, but it may take more (2A or more) for short periods of time. If you’re using cheap 2A power supplies, they may not work. A brand-named power supply, like Samsung, is a better bet, even if it claims to only support 2A.

Give up on the default Athom adapter, it’s a well-known POS.

Thanks for this conversation. Since yesterday the same issue. Indeed a power supply failure. Replaced the power supply and Homey is running smooth again.

All the ones I tried (3 pieces) were Samsung ones… They did not work initially. That is what makes it even weirder. And the 800mAh was during booting. Normally one of the most power intensive period since all apps/devices/flows and whatever need to be started.

after I have tried all possible power supplies, the Homey have re-taught, I am back to original stand with original power supply and it suddenly works again. Very very funny

to be on the safe side i ordered a new power supply unit

When it’s working, ok, but when these kind of problems occur, I always do a PTP (power off for 15 minutes ) and let Homey restart for 15 to 30 minutes. (ditn’t see this mentioned here)

Today…same problemes

After power off for 15 minutes the Homey was available some minutes. now…same problem :frowning:

“with original power supply” :thinking:

I have this morning the same problem with the original power supply. But I ordered a new supply yesterday (max. 2A.). Same problem

What brand is the new power supply? A bit more than 2A would probably have been a better idea.

Doesn’t really look like a well-known brand :grimacing:

do you have a hint`?

Power supplies that come with phones/tablets from big brands (Apple, Samsung, etc) are typically quite good. Like I said, aim for something (a little) over 2A, like 2.1A or 2.5A.