Zigbee issue (5.0.0-rc47)

After contact with Athom and several different solutions I can tell that the following worked for me:

  1. Put your Homey in recovering mode
  2. Go to setup.athom.com to reinstall
  3. Reinstall through your browser, not by the Android or IOS app
  4. While the Homey is searching for updates, press the ALT button. Select ‘Download full update’
  5. Keep your user data
  6. Perform a FULL Zigbee reset otherwise the problem will come back after several hours.

EDIT: Athom would like to know how big the issue is, so please also send an email to support@athom.com

EDIT: Point 6 added as I had the same issue.

THIS IS MY SOLUTION and maybe won’t work in your specific situation. In that case, as mentioned before: contact Athom!