Zigbee issue (5.0.0-rc47)


since last sunday I have major issues with my Homey and specially with my Zigbee network. On sunday my Homey did a last update from rc43 tot rc44, monday to rc46 and thuesday to rc47. Since then my Zigbee engine failed to startup again.

What I have tried so far:

  • Did a Homey reset with restoring a backup from Saturday (unfortunatly Homey does an automatic update to the newest version while restoring… So, that’s is a failure in my opinion because I can’t create a new point of truth where i can disable automatic updates…
  • Did several PTP with also 8+ hours of waiting for creating a new Zigbee mesh.
  • I prefer not to do a Zigbee reset with al my devices, but that’s was the last stap… Unpossible to do… (see screenshots).

As you can see my Homey does recognize my devices…

For now I’m a little bit helpless…

Anyone an idea?

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Thanks @robertklep, I already did. But I was curious if someone here knows a sort of solution.

Do you know if the Homey does an automatic update while restoring a backup? In my opinion it should not has to do that…

From what I know, it will always use the latest version of the (experimental) firmware and apps when restoring.

Also, I doubt the list of devices you’re seeing is “live” (as in based on actual connections), it looks more like a previously stored state.

OK, that’s a pitty

OK, that sounds logic.

Thank you for your quick replies :slight_smile:

After contact with Athom and several different solutions I can tell that the following worked for me:

  1. Put your Homey in recovering mode
  2. Go to setup.athom.com to reinstall
  3. Reinstall through your browser, not by the Android or IOS app
  4. While the Homey is searching for updates, press the ALT button. Select ‘Download full update’
  5. Keep your user data
  6. Perform a FULL Zigbee reset otherwise the problem will come back after several hours.

EDIT: Athom would like to know how big the issue is, so please also send an email to support@athom.com

EDIT: Point 6 added as I had the same issue.

THIS IS MY SOLUTION and maybe won’t work in your specific situation. In that case, as mentioned before: contact Athom!


It seems I have also been one of the selected few to get this Zigbee fail. Yeayh!

Pardon me if I’m being slow, but Im a bit confused about what this prosedure you describe actually does.
Are we talking about a reinstalation of the software or are we talking about restoring a backup you have access to? (I don’t have any backups)

And the 5. Keep your data.
So nothing is lost, flows all there after this?

You can do a reinstall without a backup, no problem. When you keep your user data you won’t lose anything.

Let me say; I haven’t lost anything.

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Quick update from me on this.
It worked! :slight_smile: Zigbee up again.

Had to try a couple of times.
First time the search for updates lasted a blink of an eye and I never got the option of choosing “Download Full update”. I think it just said I had the latest update and presented me with a next button. So It actually just ended up doing a restart in a way, cos that didnt help.
I tried again, and this time I held the ALT button down from the page before, the connecting to the WIFI. THEN i got the option to choose “download full update” and a progress bar n all.
Install took a while, but at least its up n running.


Yes that works for me also, a lot of thanks!

@BSA @Pieter_Verkroost have both of you also mentioned it to Athom? That you had the issue, but more important that you followed that procedure and that the issue has been solved. It’s important for them to know the scale of the issue. Before V5 becomes official:

Athom would like to know how big the issue is, so please also send an email to support@athom.com


Yes I did

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Thanx for reminding me. :+1:
Sendt them the link to this thread, so they can just check in and do a count :wink:


Two Weeks ago i had the same problem. Did a recovery and everything worked fine (recovery set firmware to RC46 than i could update to rc47)

Yesterday i had a other problem. All my zigbee devies didn’t respond any more. Zigbee was started and in the developer app all devices ware present with a route, but no respons.

Had to do a recovery again. Now it works fine.

So there are big zigbee isues after firmware RC 43

My problem this week. The solution above from harmenkuijer en BSA worked but my resetting the zigbee network before made me loose the entire zigbee-environment. Now it al works again.

Also had this problem. Followed the above instructions which resolved the issue.

One note though, when holding ALT down, don’t release until you have clicked “full install” otherwise you will miss the opportunity. At least that was the case for me, which made me have to repeat the recovery process one more time after I figured out when to hold the ALT-key down. Fourth attempt did the trick.

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Same here, after the restore of a backup the Zigbee network failed, same state as op. Full reinstall of same version solved the problem.

–edit: I’ve updated my support ticket with a link to this topic and the fact that this solved the problem. +1!

I’m on RC47 but without Zigbee problems, RC48 is out, did someone install this one already?

I first was but after a several days I hhave to reinstall and had to do a complete Zigbee reset. Now its working fine. Did not yet installed the new 48 release.

Lots of users seem to have Zigbee problems since RC43, only fix since then:
[Flow] Fixes an issue where Tags would not appear in a shared Flow

I don’t understand Athom, it keeps ignoring major problems, yes it is a experimental versions, but still it is a major function of Homey.

I have issues with devices just not responding sometimes, it is already an issue for almost 5 years but it is much more prevelend since RC43.
Did a full Zigbee reset(hours of work), did not solve anything, so after almost 5 year i am going to move to Home Assistant, the Conbee zigbee stick seems to be much more stable.

If Athom did not succeeded to make Zigbee stable in 5 years it is probably never going to happen.