Zigbee issues - zigbee network broken? Please help :-)

Since this morning my Zigbee network is not working properly anymore. Has been stable as a rock for at least a year but now everything is messed up.

Most of my lights are non responsive. Some are responsive. I get both the time out message as a message station cannot reach device.

What I tried so far:
Restart homey
Restart homey using ptp
Restore a backup
Restarted al my zigbee lights (full power down of my house for 10 minutes)

When I look at the developer tools to my zigbee network I see a lot of devices being unreachable with a gray question mark. This includes some of my routers

My mesh is very stable usually with about 20 philips hue routers and about 20 battery devices.

Any suggestions what to do???

After a restart and some more restart and another power supply. My zigbee overview on the developer page looks good again, almost like it was. But I still cannot interview all devices, some of them I can, and also still a lot of unresponsive devices

I did a zigbee reset, but now when homey reboots the empty zigbee network is not initializing… I wonder if I have a hardware issue…?

From what I’ve read, a full system reset is required:

Thanks, gonna give it a try!

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And, very important, be patient, after restart it takes a lot of time before all Zigbee functions are working again, this can take 1 or 2 hours when you have a lot of devices.

I keep getting errors that zigbee cannot initialize. I tried everything I could for a whole evening and morning. Restore backup, factory reset. Even an empty homey would not initialize/start my zigbee.

Today I bought a Homey pro (I had/have an early 2016), and in like an hour or so the backup was restored and working again. Even with the existing Zigbee mesh, working again as before. And much more responsive in the app.

I’m kinda bugged/pissed about the investment in the homey pro on the one side, on the other hand I’m not in the dark tonight and upgraded to homey pro know after doubting it for long time (but I did not thought it was worth the money ). And still don’t think but had not much options left I think.

I made a support ticket with athom, so I’m gonna wait if they can het some life back into my original homey and then I will decide what to do from there…