Zigbee stopped working/broken

After I rebooted my Homey to move it just a little bit, Zigbee has stopped working. When the device boots up, all the icons of Zigbee devices just spin loading.

When going to add device, Zigbee just loads. Settings for Zwave works, but Zigbee times out. So Zigbee is like just disabled suddenly on Homey. All other devices work, just not Zigbee…

Any suggestions?

Did u try a PTP?

I have powered off for about 10 minutes and powered back on, yes.

I have moved the unit, it’s been on exactly 18 minutes now and still loading Zigbee. Only 12 Zigbee units however.

Update: left power off about 30 minutes or more. Powered back on and left it on overnight, Zigbee still not working.

What does the Zigbee developer page show?

Where do I find this?

If you mean under Homey settings > Zigbee this page is also just loading and giving an unknown error/timing out.

Found developer site now, Zwave shows info, but Zigbee is just blank/0 everything no info.

So the Zigbee chip did not initialize (completely).

Please send a diagnostics report (app > settings > general) to Athom and create a support ticket.

Only working option, I am aware of, which is recovering from this state, is again Pulling the Plug for some time and the repowering Homey again. Allow Homey for some 30 minutes after repowering to completely re-initialize all protocols and apps.

I’ve experienced the same issue, all ZigBee devices are gone on the developer page and there for the devices don’t work in the GUI. I still haven’t figured out when this exactly happened but hasn’t happened for a few weeks now. What worked for me is rebooting the device. Didn’t need a ptp. The devices resurfaced after one reboot.

I have not experienced it yet I needed more than just one reboot. So it very well could be there is more to it at your device. Maybe it’s just broken? Would be unfortunate, but can happen.

I’ve tried rebooting several times. Device is only 3 days old, just bought it with V2, latest product.

I’ve had the power off 30 minutes before bedtime, and in the morning today it was still the same.

Don’t have many apps either, just virtual devices for a thermostat and groups for lights.

So I think you have got a broken device tbh. If it’s that new i’d report it as a DOA. Swap it out for a new device.

Problem is it was working just fine. It started after I shut it down and moved it because my floor heating had bad reception.

Yes I’ve read that, but shit happens. I think you have done pretty much everything one can do. There is not much more you can do with it. PtP and reboot usually resolve these kind of issues, apparently it’s not working for you, even after many tries. I’d open a support case with Athom, maybe they can fix something, but since it’s so new you do have warranty.

Waiting for their reply. Just used hours setting up flows etc etc…

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There is a backup tool u can use. Not ideal but saves you probably a lot of time

Where can I find this?

Ok, so I bought a new Homey and will return my old one.

Just set up this one - and Zigbee is NOT working. I have no idea why. Is there a broken Zigbee device causing a problem in my house? Wifi interference?

Edit, never mind sorry. It works on the new Homey new.

I’m afraid Homey doesn’t quite get the meaning of Stoptober. My Homey also stopped on Zigbee, right after it came back from a repair.PTP, reboot, waiting: nothing did help. Now waiting on a further reply from helpdesk.


any update on this topic? All my Zigbee devices are broken and the registration process on the support website is broken.