Zigbee dead after power failure

Hello, the elctrical company had a maintance yesterday 9-12, last night i noticed, none of my zigbee devices works, cant control and cant read from them, i see them in developer tools. i still get push notification from homey and my 433 push-buttons & wifi-bulbs work.

Any ideas how to get it back on track

Try a PTP(pull the plug) for at least 15 min. After that plug it in again and hopefully everything will work again(will take some time to rebuild your zigbee network)

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tried the PTP, no difference, also tried a reset and loading in a backup.
I cant add new zigbee stuff either. i guess my last hope is a reset of the zigbee network and hope i can add stuff then and start over…

It can take a long time before all zigbee devices are reconnected after a ptp, up to one hour I have seen.

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getting stranger, i did a reset of the zigbee network and removed all my units. started to add again and all working well, could turn on/off and readed the current/voltage from the plugs. like 2 hours later i tried to turn on/off a plug and they dont work anymore, i can see homey is reading current(last updated 3 seconds ago…) bit i cant control anything. tried add more stuff and it cant, its like the zigbee died again.
i have only pluggs added sofar and none work(gets a red timeout banner in mobil app)

everything is reporting(voltage) but cant send command on/off, get timeout

Hey, do you get “Zigbee could not be started” when trying to add new zigbee device? If so, its good to reinstall Homey software. https://community.homey.app/t/zigbee-stopped-working-pro-8-1-0/73122/4?u=daniel_s

no, when trying new device its just “unit stop respond, try again”
i have reset the homey and put in my backup, the zigbee is alive due to it reading the voltage from the plug, it wont just send commands or add more stuff(which it did the first hour after the reset but then stopped)

The ‘full software download’ Daniel linked to, is a good advice, and it can’t hurt. I solved several weird zigbee issues.
You did not need to reset zigbee, or factory reset Homey by the way.

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Oh, i must have read the guide wrong, i thought it would do a complete new install and start from scratch. I will try it

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It worked (i am not home right now but seems to work from a distance, can se the energy goes up so it seems to start) thank you

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I forgot, in case of a Pro 201x model, the power supply can get flaky over time. This can also result in weird issues.

it have worked a few times after longer power failure with the fix linked previous in the thread by @Daniel_S . today it is not, have done a software download a couple of times but zigbee still dead. is it reset zigbee network that is the only option now?

First contact support I’d suggest.
From what I’ve read on the forum, they can sometimes do some magic when you give them remote access. No guarantees, but can save you a lot of start-all-over work.
Hint: If you’re going to reset at some point in time, search first for Martijn Poppen’s script “fix flows”, which can, yes, fix your flows when you have to replace devices, or start over.

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I have more or less the exact same symptoms. Developer tools show a healthy Zigbee network, with all devices online. Sensory functions, like reading temperature on a thermostat or a dedicated temperature/humidity sensor works fine, but sending a command to adjust heat or light result in a time out. I’ve done all known tricks to make it work, and as for many the recovery mode and full download of software will make things work as expected for a while.
I also tried to reset the Zigbee network and the tedious job of adding all devices again - that did nothing to help. And with the amount of devices in this house it’s many hours of wasted time. I cannot recommend rebuilding the Zigbee net based on my experience.
In my opinion, this looks more and more like a bug that was introduced around version 10.0.6 than a faulty power supply, or bugs in individual apps or devices. The symptoms are the same across apps, and restarting or reinstalling does not help. Athom should look into this ASAP, or I think trust in the community will dvindle. I’m a software guy, and have a good understanding of how things work. I also like to tinker with things like this. “Normal” people would have given up ages ago and swapped homey for something else. These kind of bugs will prevent Athom from gaining and sustaining market shares. It has certainly put me off getting the new version.