Zigbee dead

Recently, my zigbee devices started acting irradicly. I waited to the next update of both Homey and the apps, but nothing changed. Until now. But now zigbee seems to be dead in its entirety. All my zigbee devices are unreachable.

Is that possilble?

In Developer - Zigbee i just get a red box with «Zigbee could not be started».

Tried several restarts, and keeping it off for 1+ min. What to try next?

Homey Pro, v. 7.1.1

Contact Athom support

and/or try this on own risk:

O, and Contact Athom support anyway…

The full zigbee reset has fixed a lot of problems for a lot of people. However, it is a pain because you need to fix all flows.

Also, the full firmware download does provide a permanent solution for a lot of people too, and it is non destructive. So try that first and use the zigbee reset as a last resort.

Oh, and contact Athom :slight_smile:

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I hope you did a restart for at least 11 minutes.
Think you made a typo or?