Zigbee issue

I seam to have a odd zigbee issue. Have anyone had this happen before?

All zigbee devices have stopped working. It seam that the zigbee module in the homey have deactivated itself or something simular.

Atm it feels like i need to reset my zigbee network and see if that solves this. Reboot dont seam to solv it.

Start with a PTP (a reboot is not good enough), then try replacing the power supply (5V, 2A or more) of your Homey if you’re still using the original one.

Using a non original 2A on it have considered a 3A before. Going to try a longer PTP last i did i held it for 10 min. I turned off the apps that i have that use the zigbee protocol. What i have noticed also is that some of the lights start blinking at times when there is more then 5 with power on them. I have about 25 zigbee devices.

For some people, performing a Homey firmware reinstall (with the “keep data” option) fixed their Zigbee issues.