Zigbee stops working

I’ve tried searching the forum for similar issues, but I can only find people running v.5 beta firmwares, whereas I’m on the official v. 4.2.0.

A month or more ago my Zigbee network suddenly stopped working. I tried reconnecting with no luck, and tried removing as well, which I couldn’t do either.
After reading a bit I tried to do a PTP, and that worked great - half an hour after powering back on Homey the Zigbee network was back up and running.

That lasted two days, then I had to do it again. Worked a few more days and then another PTP was needed.
It keeps stopping and needing a PTP to work again.

Does anyone have any idea for a more permanent fix?

If i where you i should update to V5, i also had a lot of Problems with zigbee but I’m running V5 for weeks now and 0 problems anymore.

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Have you tried a different power supply (5V and 2A minimum)? The original power supply from Athom is of questionable quality and can cause lots of random issues.

That’s a good idea and easy to try, I’ll start with testing that.
Thanks for the suggestion

I’d like to remain on a stable release, but if changing the power supply doesn’t work I’ll give it a try.
How do I switch to the non-stable firmware?

Go to: Homey Developer and enable experimental firmware. Then when you go to update in the homey app and you can download the RC firmware. (It is best to disable auto update and check slack/forum if the latest builds are stable enough for “normal” use)

It didn’t help to switch power supplies, so I’ll try the new firmware instead.