All Zigbee units dont work after latest update!

After latest firmware update (2020-03-25) all of my Zigbee units has stoped working.
i have several brands of Zigbee units (Ikea, Phillips, Aqua) and they all stoped working!
They are stil installed but has no connection with my Homey!
If i press the button in settings “Zigbee” it doesent work!
I have tried full reset of my Homey, but nothing seems to work.
Does anybody know what to do now?

Take Homey off power for a couple of hours, then turn it back on and wait another couple of hours.

Thanks. I will try that !

Are you referring to the latest stable version or the latest rc?
The latter solved my problems. I experienced the same.

You could opt-in for experimental updates on and after updating with the rc, disable it again.