Not working after latest update

Hi. My Aqara motionsensor, temp sensor, door/window sensor and leak sensor is not working anymore after the latest update. I have restartet homey 10 times and rolled it back to the day i know it worked. But homey forces me to update when I roll back… please help!

Not working vater latest update

What is vater?

Autocorrected “after”?

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Yes, sorry abot that.

Thanks for the Info. I saw not that Homey cant start zigbee for some reason. I went out for a few houres now, and unplugged my Homey but it did not help. The error message is: “manager.zigbee.controller_start_failed”. Any idea of what might be wrong?

But… that’s in that post (and the discussion in that topic).
But okay, you’d best contact Athom support and create a diagnostic report, and send it’s ID along with it.
Perform a full software download (how-to here)

When you want/have to perform a zigbee reset, first save all the zigbee device ID’s (the script below explains how);
Then, when all devices have been paired again, use this wonderful script to replace the zigbee device ID’s and so all flows get fixed


Thank you so much! I will try to do that after i hear from Homey. I orderd it in january 2022, and receved a unstable one from early 2019 that was clearly used before. And the power adapter was broken. It has been unstable a few times before…

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The latest model is called ‘Early 2019’ but it shouldn’t been used of course.