Since last Homey Pro update, Zigbee is broken

Since last Homey Pro update, Zigbee is broken

I have a Homey Pro with the latest update. Following this last update (about 10 days ago, version 7.3.0), many Zigbee devices are not reachable anymore. Moreover, it is impossible to add Zigbee devices. I deleted 5-6 devices, then I tried to add Aqara, Lidl or IKEA devices again (after a reboot of the box…), no reaction from the Homey box. It looks for the new device indefinitely. I specify that all these devices were initially connected and worked perfectly well for months.

The problem has nothing to do with a possible maximum number of Zigbee devices or an excessive number of clicks on switches.

I hope (certainly in vain…) that Athom will solve this problem without the need to reset the Zigbee network and thus lose many hours of integration and configuration of flows!

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I’ve the same problem for 2 month already. I don’t want you reset the ZigBee. I don’t think that Athom will fix this.

That’s odd. I’m on v7.3.0 also for a while. I have 12 Aqara sensors/switches, 3 Heiman sensors and 2 days ago I added an Ikea plug and 5 lamps. I had to reboot Homey after the plug install, then I could add the lights w/o problems

ive given up with Homey and Zigbee in general

Hi and thank you for your answer! What do you mean by “I don’t want you reset the ZigBee”? Should I do it (and lose many hours of work…)? Is this the only solution?

I understand, but unfortunately, Aqara or IKEA products for example remain excellent products with a quality/price ratio that cannot be found with Z-wave products…

Would it be the solution? Has anyone tried that? I’m also suffering issues with Homey Pro (early 2019) and v7.3.0 with Aqara app and Lumi ‎MCCGQ11LM door&window sensor homey:app:com.xiaomi-mi — sensor_magnet.aq2 and it just stop to react on alarm contact every now and then.
Even tried to stop the tradfri app and other apps as I thought some apps might interfere and restarted the Aqara app. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not, sometimes Homey restart does, sometimes not. But I haven’t tried a network reset myself.
However as I somehow killed the Zigbee network upon first sensor connect attempt I had to reset homey completely and it said that “Zigbee could not be started” even after Homey restarts. However the devices and flows stayed and then I could connect the sensor. But now it just stops to trigger contact alerts between hours and days of a homey/app restart, completely sporadically. No system found yet in that. But since the first sensor registration I didn’t do any resets or re-registering of the sensor.
No clue… I’m somewhat closer and closer to sending everything back as there’s so much “randomness” is this system.
Cheers, Michael

For the information, here is the process that solved all my Zigbee problems, the only one that worked. Now all my Zigbee devices are working fine again:

Zigbee fully down - Questions & Help - Homey Community Forum

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Hi. Thanks, I will try that.
Indeed I think I found exactly that post already and even executed the steps 2-7 in order to make my Homey connect to the sensor at all (upon first coupling it crashed somehow and despite the mesh still worked, all attempts to connect new Zigbee devices failed as Zigbee was dead).
The only thing I didn’t do is to contact support before and after. Didn’t know that it’s were some magic happens beyond resetting my Homey with the mentioned procedure. :wink: - But if this is the trick do keep it stable for more than a few hours/days, i’ll give it a second try.

As of writing my sensor is reacting again to contact alerts, not sure what I did meanwhile and how long it keeps working this time. As also one of my tradfri outlets sometimes triggers or doesn’t, I hope it’s the way forward.
So pretty sure I’ll take a crash dump and contact support as soon as fails again.

Thx, Michael