Zigbee fully down

Hi @Henk_Renting,

i had sort of the same issue on after a few days of good working zigbee (after the update to v5.0-rc50). Athom support suggested me the procedure below which fixed it for me (all devices and flows stayed in tact):

(google translated it, was too lazy to do it myself)

  1. Submit an support ticket at Athom with a diagnostics report so that they can fix this problem

  2. Put your Homey in recovery mode by turning it upside down for 1 minute.

  3. If Homey is in setup mode, you must then go to https://setup.athom.com with a laptop or desktop.

  4. Select the desired language, and go to the next step.

  5. Choose “Continue in the browser” (it says in gray), and follow the steps on your screen.

  6. When you see “checking for updates”, press the ALT key on your keyboard. Press “Download full update”.

  7. Then choose to keep your data. Homey now needs some time to install the update.

  8. test if it works and if so make an second diagnostics report and send the ID to Athom via an email reply on the created support ticket in step 1