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Zigbee mesh dissapeard, devices are not meshing anymore

Hi all, since a recent reboot my zigbee devices stopped meshing. I also updated to rc.14 but that did not make any difference. Now i´m trying so find if there is somewere i can see if the mesh is gone or just not shown in the delevoper. (anything like loggs or something wil do)

The mesh problem i found out yesterday where a zigbee plug that was communicating throug another plug is now no longer controllable.
My network consits in 27 units were 10 of them are end devices and the rest are routers.

So how can i really see if there is a mesh or not. Is the developer route accurate to be trusted? In that case do i need to do a reset of the zigbee network? That will delete all my devices… :frowning:

Happy for some guidance. Thanks


Did you try to remove and add the devices that don’t respond already? Are they battery powered (aka is the battery death?)

I have not tried to remove and add. The one that is not meshed is the number 7 (GR-Ventialtion-ZB) which should mesh with no.12 or no.3 as it was before.

Also the no 2 was meshed with no 7 before. The sensor is 2months old so the battery in this one should be just fine.

I´ll try to readd the device again.

In my case i just want to know what is the error i get when the device is not answering…
Can the homey logger app be of use here?

I also noticed that a test temp.sensor i have works just fine when near homey but not if it needs to mesh or find a route thorugh a router.

FYI: As an update on this issue whitch is now solved is that i found out that the mesh was screwed up by the Ikea Trådfri products. So i bought an ikea gateway instead, removed all trådfri lamps/plugs from homey and added them to the gateway running the gateway app for homey instead, witch works flawlesly now. Now the Xiomi mesh i back to normal and also the Ikea stuff works just fine.