Help! Zigbee Mesh network is gone?

Hi guys,

I’m having 33 Zigbee devices now and my mesh network is gone… I added and changed some devices today and now there is no mesh network at all…

I have wait a couple of hours to see if it came back, but nothing happend.

The devices with the biggest distance from homey are also not working now…

Any idea?

Have you tried resetting your Zigbee network in the Homey app (Settings > Zigbee > reset network)?

Dan zijn al mn apparaten, en dus al mn flows weg. Daar ga ik niet aan beginnen…

Maybe delete one of the Zigbee devices which is furthest away from your Homey and re-register it to see if your Homey can find it using the mesh?

Trek de stekker van Homey er uit en na 10 minuten er weer in, wacht dan 30 min.