ZigBee Mesh or no Mesh

Hello All,

I have a very basic question: Is there a Zigbee mesh configuration in the Homey or not?
I can only see routes from the Homey to all devices (I have one extra router = Osram light) but the battery opreated Xiaomi door contact is not in range. Distance is about 1 meter clear line of site. In my house I have the same Xiaomi door contacts with more distance and walls in between but they report to the Homey no problem. Distacne between Homey and Osram lamp router is about 20 meters, but this is not a problem

Thank you in advance for looking at this issue and if you have a solution for me about how I can get the mesh network you are most welcme.


There should be one, but it is not perfect jet.
You need to reboot sometimes to force the zigbee to heal/mesh again.
All that is because they still runn on Zigbee V1.0 but they are busy with a upgrade to V3.0 which will improve a lot.

Thank you

I invested in some Xiaomi Aqara gear, mains switches, wireless switches and door contacts in order to get my garage door to switch on lights when opened. Not only will the battery door contact not mesh with anything, but the mains light switch in the utility, installed solely to bridge the distance from Homey, loses contact regularly (4m distance).

Cold restarts and rebuilding the network starting with the mains switches have failed to ever get a mesh working. My frustration is heightened by the fact that my Meross garage door opener works perfectly even though the router is 15m away!

I could do with an official response on the timeline for the Zigbee rewrite on Homey before I am forced to buy a Xiaomi hub to solve the issue. Despite having loads of Z-wave devices, I started down the Zigbee route recently because I’m convinced that Zigbee/Thread/dot dot is the long term future of mesh technology. The Google Nest Hub Max has Thread onboard and when Google (and partners) get into full flight with a range of accessories that the regular home user becomes used to the “it just works” nature of the products, then other hubs will soon be relegated to the “IoT tinkerers” domain who still have to keep Z-wave networks operating. The sales growth potential for hubs, including ones as versatile as Homey, will soon fade away, in my opinion.

Homey needs to keep my enthusiasm alive (with the Zigbee rewrite) or I won’t feel confident enough to continue to advocate its purchase to people in the various Facebook groups that I dip into.

If there is light at the end of the tunnel, please (Athom) stop me buying another hub and linking it to Google Home and IFTTT; I know the end result won’t be as quick as Homey, but the family won’t be trying to get me to accept psychiatric help for my home automation addiction!

So as you know this a communty forum, so after reading your … post, what is the question to us?

Or just want to write down your frustrations, i know sometimes it feels good to do that.

When will Zigbee work as a mesh system under Homey?

For me and also others it works, doesnt mean Zigbee is working correclt for everyone ofcourse. And yes there comes a rewrite, but when………… only athom knows

How do we, as a community, get Athom to feel the frustration of the Homey purchasers in multiple strings you come across in this forum, and tell us what the realistic timeframe is for the Zigbee rewrite? It seems to have been on the roadmap for a long long time!

Did you already contact athom direclty then?? if not my advise is to do it. the more people do the more they aware of it. But on the other hand the already know it.

OK will do. Thanks for reading my protest, let’s hope Athom do the same and respond in a way that gives me hope!


I just installed a zigbee network with aqara sensors. Some sensors are not reporting, i don’t see a mesh network, all the sensors report directly to Homey. Am I correct that Homey doesn’t have the capability to support a zigbee mesh network and do I need the aqara hub?
Thanks in Advance for your reaction

In more general terms, Zigbee end devices (which, typically, all battery-powered devices are), always have to connect to the closest router device (which, typically, are permanent-powered devices, like Zigbee light bulbs, wall switches, sockets, or Homey). If you don’t have any other router devices besides Homey in your Zigbee network, all those Aqara sensors connect to Homey directly.

If you want to create a proper Zigbee mesh, you need to add router devices.

Yes it makes a mesh network, But what is displayed is not the mesh, its the routing you see. a mesh would like a siperweb.

And just to mention there is a good working search option on this forum, and also a very helpfull Welcome to the forum! where you get some idea how things work on the forum.

Thanks for your response
Which powered router devices do you recommend for Aqara/Xiaomi products?

Any Zigbee devices that has a direct power will act as a router, so really not matter wich device/brand just look for devecis you can actuely can use in your house. LIGHT, Socket ect ofcourse make sure they supported by Homey

Battery devices DONT

My Hue lamp is not acting as a bridge for Aqara, I suppose the devices must directly connected with Homey!


The hue bridge makes his own mesh. and you cant combine the 2 meshes

I have used a few Innr Smart Plugs. After that my Zigbee mesh is a lot better. On the developerspage it looks the same as before the plugs, but all aqara devices work great now. Nice thing about Innr plugs is you can use them for the Hue Zigbee mesh(my outside non hue bulbs are this way supported in the Hue app) OR the Zigbee mesh. Great.

I do not want to resume this old post but it is some days I’m fighting with this issue and I do not figure out how to resolve.
Easy problem. I need to place end device battery operated ( door sensors aqara ) far away from homey. I knew they where too far and I bought 1 control outlet ikea and 1 range extender ikea to place in homey’s range and act as routers.
I paired the 2 door sensors 2 to the homey but after in place they where not routing correctly trough the ikea routers.
So I unpaired the sensors and I try to pair again close to the ikea routers instead the homey, fail… there is noway to pair the.
I go back again, now I Paired the sensors to the homey but still not routing correctly.
Now the 2 sensors are really close the the ikea router, I rebooted the homey and I will wait again this night to see what is happening and check if the mesh rebuild itself.
Suggestion or tips to solve this?? thank you

You could try a different brand (like Osram, Philips, INNR) to extend your Zigbee mesh, perhaps the Xiaomi devices don’t want to route through IKEA routers (although that combination works fine for me, but I’m not using Homey).

In any case, Homey’s Zigbee implementation is the same as it was 7 months ago, so if you can’t get it to work properly, you have to consider that to be the cause.

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