Ikea zigbee / Xiaomi mesh?

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Possible i can find the answer somewhere but i just don’t know how to get the answer.

My small question: do Ikea zigbee lights (e27) mesh up with Zigbee devices from the Xiaomi Aqara series? Do the doorsensors use the light as a master?

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Yes, they do.

I do not understand your question? Mesh up? Im using both and they are working perfectly. What do you mean by, using the lights as a master?

Mesh up and not mess up…
different brands on the same Zigbee (mesh) network will strengthen the mesh network: a battery powered sensor can use a light bulb to reach Homey…
So indeed they will work together…


They should, but in my experience this doesn’t happen as well as you’d expect. Every ZigBee device seems to connect straight to homey without mesh forming.

It will work after the rewrite of the Homey Zigbee software. For now every device will connect directy to Homey as far as I know…

Please check the Zigbee node overview at: https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee
AND wait for at least 1-2 minutes… at initial loading of the page, the node overview will only show the direct connections and will update the routes (which will take around 1-2 minutes)

Thanks Ted, good to know! Will check again and wait longer. Guess I was too impatient, but the UI doesn’t signal that the routes will update either.

Have you been able to check the routing?
The routing doesn’t seem to update, even after several minutes.

I think all your devices are battery operated, only a mains powered Zigbee device can act as an intermediate device.

OK, should have added the second half of the screen (below).
Indeed, battery operated nodes can/will never act as a router. Makes sense since if they would, their batteries wouldn’t last the day.

So, having established that there effectively are some routers in the mesh, I thought the value “0” would change over time for something else? But as it appears, there is no automatic “heal” function. You seem to be able to force it though (haven’t tried yet; will report back):


Yep, I checked this morning and saw some indirect routes to Homey!


Taking the power off, did the trick!
I do have a nice mesh now.
Thank you for your feedback!

Not completely on-topic, but i am surprised to see that you have all kinds of Xiaomi and Ikea devices added directly to Homey.

I have several of these devices that consequently refuse to connect to my Homey (all of them). I was told that this is due to bugs in the Zigbee software implementation of Homey and certainly not hardware related.

But i assume we all install the same apps to control the devices and really don’t understand why it works for other users and not for me… :thinking:

I have currently 1.5.12, but it didn’t work also with earlier versions… Which firmware do you have installed?

TedTolboomZ-wave & Zigbee developer


There is a limitation that you are only able to add 25 battery powered EndDevice 's per (non-battery powered) Router device.

As far as I’m aware this is within 1 Zigbee network… so having 2 HUE bridges / other zigbee networks should not matter.

I looked up the referenced issue and it’s actual 20 endDevices per routing device (including Homey). Updated original comment: [APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App) - #47 by TedTolboom

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My Xiaomi / Aqara doorsensors DO MESS up with Ikea Trafri.

they Mesh up and it works fine for a while (usually a few days
After a while the zigbee-network crahses or locks-up.
All the Zigbee devices stop responding And I have to reboot Homey to get things working again,

Anay one any Idea