Ikea tradfri lamp keeps freezing whole zigbee network

Hi everyone,
I’ve been having an issue lately. My ikea trafri lightbulb keeps my zigbee network from working. I have only xiaomi sensors as other zigbee devices. Once I turn on the lamp manually with a power switch it works for a while, and the all zigbee sensors stop reporting and the lamp becomes unreachable. Does everyone else have this issue, or does someone know a solution? Or should I send this problem to the Athom support? I’ve already read that tradfri are nor the best zigbee routers, however the sensors are connected directly to homey, and work fine if the bulb is not turned on (by power switch). Maybe it is also relevent that the problems started when i connected a Müller Tint light when the ikea bulb was powered off, a few days later the zigbee network was disrupted and sensors unresponsive and even some got disconnected from the network (connected in homey but the xiaomi sensors did not blink twice when button pressed like they do once they are included in a network) so I had to delete them. Hopefully someone has experience with this and maybe some tips to fix it. Thank you all in advance!

Its is directly on the homey, and the switching is with a manual switch like taking the power off, because it disrupts the network.

I used to have it on all the time when it was still working

I would try removing and resetting the Ikea bulb (by 6x on/off till it blinks a few times). Then add and connect again.

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Thank you very much, it’s working again for now! I was hesitated to reset it because the 6x on and off took really long last time but when i turned it on and quickly deleted it from homey it was already reset and i could re pair it

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It has worked now for the entire weekend fine, but i had to restart homey today and after that it broke again. Im not sure what could still fix it. Does resetting it via homey and resetting it with the 6x on and off give a difference? Otherwise that would be the last thing i could think of

6x on/off is putting the bulb back to its factory settings. This could help.

How many zigbee lights do you have? A large mesh network could get unstable. See forum for the Zigbee rewrite.

And I have to reboot my Homey every 3-4 days because of the system memory is increasing to a point that my Homey gets not responsive anymore.

Thank you for you answer! But does the removing from homey not also put it back to factory settings, or is it different? This is my only zigbee lamp, the rest of the zigbee devices I have are xiaomi aqara sensors. Where can i find the forum for the zigbee rewrite, it sounds interesting?

Use the search button to search in the forum. :smiley: Athom is working on this for a while now. Hopefully it will improve the Zigbee module.

Removing your bulb from homey does not do anything to your bulb.

What I wrote above are possible solutions to investigate. I don’t you your situation exactly.

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Ah okay, thank you greatly, i will try the reset soon!