Tradfri GU10 won't connect

Hello Guys,

Iam completly new to Homey and could use some help with the cheap IKEA Tradfri GU10 lights.

First things first :slight_smile: Last week I connected serveral Aqara door and movement sensors, some Coolcam door sensors and a few Osram plugs. Connecting them went really smood.

I was so excited so I went to IKEA to buy some Tradfri GU10 lights (so I could start making some flows). But when I came home and tried connecting them (6 pieces) only 2 of them worked. So I tried resetting the other 4 and try again. Nothing worked. So I reinstalled the IKEA app and started all over again. This time only one gu10 light bulb connected. Then I tried the beta app, this didt work either. So I started thinking maybe Homeys Zigbee receiver had some issues. So I tried connecting a new Aqara sensor, this didnt work either. I started to become frustrated and did a reset on the Homey.

I recently paired almost all of the Aqara, Coolcam and osram devices again. But the IKEA GU10 bulbs wont connect.

Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

The steps:

  • Make sure only one GU10 light bulb is connected at a time.
  • Click the devices in the Homey app
  • Turn on the light bulb.
  • (when nothing happend) Try to reset it (on/off for 6 times) the strange thing is the light blinks just 1 time not 2 times?

I even hold the Homey 5 cm’s from the lightbulb during pairing…

It would be great if someone could help me out.

Thank you in advance.

I did install 4 this evening and had no problems.
I made the app so it was ready to pair the device and did screw it into the fixture to power the light and it was included without any problems.
The lights are even on the fist floor and homey is downstairs and i worked, i was even supriced that it went so easy

Thank you for your quick reply, I have the same experience with all the other Zigbee products but not with these lights. I will try the steps like you decribe them right now. My lightbulb was allready plugged in and I turned it on and off with the wallswitch. Maybe the the trick is in this small detail :wink: I’ll brb…

@Gijsje I just tried it your way, and even tried it with 2 new one’s and the 6 i tried before… only one is paired. Its so strange, it looks like iam the only one having this problem. So it must be something iam doing wrong.

Or they are all DOA/ a different batch, but thats strange to because i had 2 paired the first time i tried last week.

I have read about a few issues regarding the Tradfri units.
“Search and you will find…” :slight_smile:

  • Perhaps pre pared units could cause a problem?
  • Perhaps there are some updates for the units that could help? (probably need Tradfri Bridge for that?)
  • Some claim to have used Philips Hue Bridge and mixed Hue and Tradfri units without any issues…

I have just gotten my Hue bulbs and the Bridge myself. But I haven’t connected them to Homey yet, and I don’t have any Tradfri units to try connecting to Home/Hue Bridge either (yet)

@Jojje Thanks for your help, I searched a lot but no mayor problems with the Tradfri series like iam having.
I just ordered the Tradfri bridge maybe they need an update! You could be right, didnt think of that.

Have a nice day.

GR. Rob

Maybe u can try 1 more thing, if u still feel like it.
Set Homey to pairing mode with the IKEA bulb (like add light and choose IKEA app) and then start the “reset thingie” on ur bulb but this time do not stop at 6 but keep turning it off and on till Homey sees the bulb. Make sure the bulb is close to Homey and also make sure there is no other IKEA bulb powered nearby. It’s just how i got some bulbs to work and just trying to help.

I wont give up that easily :wink: I tried your method without any luck :frowning: The bulb is in the ceiling and put the homey on a Household stairs to get it a bit close (still 1.5 meters away) but still no luck. Or is it to far away?

I dit receive the bridge today from IKEA but forgot that it needs a remote :blush: tomorrow i’ll drive to my local IKEA get the remote and buy there ‘‘expensive’’ gu10 light to try that one out. Maybe my lights need an firmware update. Otherwise i’ll return every thing.

I’ll let you guys know when I know anything more. I really appriciate everyone trying to help me out, thanks again!

Today i received the IKEA Bridge and all of the lights connected really easily, i made sure that all the lights are up-to-date and tried them again with the Homey. But no luck again! The lights don’t even want to reset anymore with the on/off 6 times trick! Iam going to return all of them.

Frustrated as iam i bought Phillips Hue gu10 bulbs but they have the same problem! Now i need to buy a Phillips bridge to reset them. I keep spending money but dont get any results.

I don’t know how Zigbee works in detail but its a strange pattern that all sensors and plugs work flawless and just one of the 10 lights that i tried will connect! Could it be that the hardware inside my Homey is broken?

Then connect them all to ur new Hue bridge!

If you also use Philips Hue then you can pair your Ikea lights to the Hue bridge.
I connected 8 Ikea GU10 lights to my Hue bridge and they work all fine with Homey now.
Pairing was easy and fast.
I even connected some Innr puk lights to the Hue bridge and they also work fine.
So a Hue bridge can be a good purchase if you want different brands of lights working with Homey and don’t want to install a seperate app on Homey for every brand.

Resetting Philips Hue bulbs can also be done with a Philips Hue dimmer switch, no need for the Bridge and Hue app then.

I have an innr ledstrip, philips led strips, bulbs and sealing lights and ikea (€6,99 - dimmable) gu10’s and rgb bulbs all connected to the hue bridge.

They now all work with homey (flows) and with homeykit i can use them all with homekit/siri.
The only downside is that sometimes a command takes a few seconds because of the polling and siri rarely gives a “some devices do not respond”, on the second try it works.

Also it’s so funny to see/hear the kids say to homey to turn on the lights, i only showed them ones but they picked it up so easily… :smile:
(Wanted to diable homey voice support…)


With Homey v2 I also had this issue last night.
Homey did not recognize the GU10 spot as a device supported by the Tradfri IKEA app from Homey.

However, resetting the GU10 spot by turning off/on 6 times worked to connect to Homey, however it is now added as an ‘Unknown Zigbee device’. It is possible to dim the light, but not change the color of it.

Anyone has this issue?

Kind regards,
Patrick van Vuuren

In the advanced settings, can you note : manufacturer, productid etc etc?

Producer: IKEA of Sweden
Product ID: TRADFRI bulb GU10 ws 400lm

Just to be sure, you know it’s only a warm / cold light and not an RGB right?


I had the same problem with Ikea G27 tunable. I connected the bulb to Homey without problems 2 months ago. After that, I did some experiments with Ikea dimmer switch, so It got disconnected from Homey.

Today I got 2 Hue Ligts with remote. I installed first Hue right away, than I tried to install my old ikea bulb again. Without success. Both lights are controlled by the same switch (wired). After few unsuccessful attempts I unscrewed the Hue and tried Ikea again. Homey recognized the bulb right away.

I think that the problem lies in the zigbee . If you want to pair a zigbee device, it must be in direct contact with Homey or any other bridge (no mesh relay over other zigbee devices). My other Hue bulb tried to act as a relay because it is programmed to extend zigbee mesh.

To prove my theory I installed another bulb, this time a Hue G27 in the same setting (it is a cluster of 3 lights controlled by the same switch). I could not add it to Homey until I didn’t unscrew all other bulbs.

Now all 3 work as they should.

You are correct; adding devices should be done directly to Homey (and preferably real close to Homey too), definately not through a mesh device.

This is a pretty old thread, but I didn’t know where else to put it.

I noticed adding a Trädfri GU10 is a little bit different from what is described here and there. The way that I did is described here: Adding Trädfri GU10 bulbs - Devices - Homey Community Forum