IKEA Trådfri v18.4 HOMEY 7.0.1-rc.5 problem

So, running homey 7.0.1-rc.5 and IKEA trådfri 1.8.4 and now none of the trådfri reponds. Wont work! At all! Not removing and repairing nothing. Anyone???

Try updating to 7.0.1 stable (although others also have Zigbee issues with that version).

Ok. Can try. Crap that these apps stop functioning

Can confirm problems with 7.0.1 and ikea, elko. Seems to be zigbee in general…

Great, everytime there is a major update shit dont work for months! :nauseated_face:

Turn off automatic updates.


Yeah wont do me any good noe. Still no connection to the gu10 spots from Ikea! Cant see them cant add them. Fuck