Homey and Ikea trådfri

Today all my ikea tradfri stopped working in homey, without any obvious reason!
I have dimmable transformers and e27 bulbs that was connected via the ikea app direct to homey.

I have now done a reset of the zigbee network in homey and the tradfri products.

Now when I try to add them again it doesn’t work, neither as homey zigbee devices nor ikea devices. They don’t seem to appear when homey search for new devices.

I only got like 40 lights now that doesn’t work… :exploding_head:

Anyone got any idea?

Please try the search function first.
There’s lots of topics about your issue :wink:

I might be blind but please help me find the topic where the ikea app suddenly stops working and you can’t add new devices.

It has worked for years and I still have other zigbee devices that works fine.

@bombaclatt Did you find any solution on this? I just had the same thing happening overnight.

No, sorry.

I tried to restart zigbee and make a recovery of homey but then the zigbee controller wouldn’t even start.

I got tired of a dark house so I bought myself a new homey…

Sorry to hear that. Indeed sounds like a hardware issue with Homey in your case.

I just found out what my problem was. I installed a Tado wireless thermostat, and apparently they interfere with Ikea Tradfri. If I unplug my thermostat the Ikea switches are working again, but stop when I plug it back in.

Try to change the zigbee channel. Tado uses some kind of closed wifi, which seems to interfere.

Changing the Zigbee channel was pretty much a pain, as Homey sees many of my devices as “offline”, while I’m able to use them in the regular user interface, and they all need to be online to be able to change it.
After trying for a full day, I’ve changed the Zigbee channel from 21 to 11, but unfortunately this has had any effect. Will try adding the IKEA Gateway and/or resetting the network.

@Peter_Kawa Just curious, IKEA Tradfri uses 2405-2480 MHz, while Tado communicates at 868 MHz. How could they interfere?

I just read somewhere tado uses some kind of wifi signal. But I didn’t know about the frequency. If it’s 2,4GHz, it could interfere with zigbee and would explain your issue.

So I checked just now and it’s 868MHz like you say, it indeed does not interfere with zigbee.

I’ve got four Fyrtur curtains and run this app. It works, but not flawlessly. Have lost function in almost all of them from time to time and then have to remove and then add them to homey again updating all flows that has got the unit.

However I bought a fifth fyrtur for my bedroom and it NEVER works. Keep on adding it, and it works for 5 min and then nothing. Remove it, and try again with same result. Is there a limit on how many curtains you can have? This is sooo frustrating!

I got angry and hooked up my old IKEA-hub and added the bloody curtain with the ikea-gatway app.
Now it works and my switch is FULL! :slight_smile:

The reason it was giving me trouble was probably that it got too high number in the Zigbee network. Now it has its own Zigbee network. I hope that this will work…and the two networks wont interfere with each other… :smiley: