Ikea tradfri lights connection problems

Hello all,

I have finally finished renovating my house, and i started last night with adding all my ikea light bulbs to the ikea app on my homey.

I follow the switch off->on procedure. I see the ikea app loading. And it will timeout after a little while(saying it took too long)

So i have also reset the light (6x on/off) that didn’t work.

Also i have tried 4 different types of ikea lights.

Updated the homey, reset back to factory settings etc etc.

Also i tried to connect a hue led strip, and that didn’t work neither…

Even my old man couldn’t figure it out(he has alot of homey stuff running in our house)

What am i doing wrong???

(I can post screenshots tonight!)

Update 20/1/2020: i have also changed wifi channels on my wifi router (just in cause of interference)

Did at reset the light flash? Because that shows a reset.
Switching on/off need to be very fast
i do always 7 times on/off with the switch for a reset. You need a fysical switch of the power every time switching)

Make sure the light is within 1m from homey and has line of sight (no walls etc between them)
Only after pairing move to desired location.

And follow instructions from @Canedje

Hi guys,

I have tried the lights with my dads homey and they connect within a few seconds.

Probably my zigbee chip is stuffed. So i will contact athom

How many Zigbee-devices are already paired with your Homey? If you have a lot of end-devices (battery-powered, like sensors) it’s easy to reach Homey’s “directly-connected-devices” limit of about 20.

The homey has no devices connected, i also have done a hard reset a few times.

I have just added 16 Tradfri GU10’s for our just renovated house. About 10 out of 16 worked perfectly, and some required to be resetted twice. All of them finally worked without problem.
If the unit does not want to reset to factory settings, unplug it. Wait for a couple of seconds, and reset it again by flipping the switch 6 times. Make sure it’s not 5 or 7 times, it won’t work.

Programming was done at approx 2 meter distance from Homey.

They are all very stable now.

-> Homey pro 2019


My homey was stuffed… zigbee chip was broken…