Connect IKEA Tradfri driver directly to Homey

Hi All,

I have bought an IKEA Tradfri driver for LED lights (TRÅDFRI Driver voor draadloze besturing, grijs, 10 W - IKEA). I want to connect this to my Homey, but I can’t seem to get them connected. This is my first IKEA zigbee device. I have 1 light connected to the driver and hold it next to the Homey for coupling.

I am using the official IKEA app from Athom. When connecting it say’s I need to switch the light on and off. I can however not switch it off and on, because I have no switch, I can only uplug and plug, which does not work. The driver has a small button to be pushed with a paperclip. I have tried pressing it short, long, multiple times, etc. Nothing works. When I hold the button about 2 seconds, the light dims and brightens again, but no connection.

Has anyone coupled this driver before and/or knows how to get this working?

You need an cord extender, alternative move the driver and repeater to a place where it is possible to turn on -off x6 and relocate…

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What do you mean with a location where it is possible to turn on and off?

A place with gang or circuit breaker

ah, just switch it on and of with a switch on a power plug, will try

Pressing the small button worked for me. From what i remember for as long as light begins dimming and brightening for some time. Alternatively you can switch the light off and on by removing the power cord from driver and connecting it again. Eventually 6 times to reset device (after that devices start pairing mode).

Tried switching on and off, also 6x, also tried the button. Restarted the app, restarted the homey, but still nothing… :frowning:

Just to be sure. You tried switching on and off… You mean off and on i hope. Homey connects with the device only if its on :slight_smile:
How long do you wait? Syncing can take 10-20 seconds. You can see the homey is syncing with the device because the light is dimming and brightening for some time.
Homey firmware version 5.0.0?
Did you try holding the reset button for als long as the light is dimming/brightening?

Yes I mean off and on. When I hold the button for about 2s it dims and brightens (only once), but when I hold it longer nothing happens. I will try that again.

Edit: tried it again several times, also holding the button, nothing…

Here are some more suggestions.
10-20-10 reset and don’t use zigbee channel 24.

Thanks, will try, also the aluminium foil.
How do I set the ZigBee channel on the homey?

Tried the foil, the 10-20-10, all several time, no result.
Guess I’ll have to buy the IKEA hub

Search: change zigbee channel

My channel is on 11, so that should not be the problem.

I’m using channel 11 also, with this same Trådfri driver. Connected last week after switching to v5.0.0.

Any wifi devices (router) in neighbourhood of you homey working on channel 11?

Else try to return the unit to Ikea and ask for new one…

Zigbee channel 11 and WiFi channel 11 are very different.

Yep you are totally right :-). But regardless of the wifi channel a nearby router can cause some trouble am i right?

Check this diagram for interfering channels/frequencies

I bought Tradfri hub 2nd hand and directly picked it up. To connect the driver to the hub you appearantly need a wireless switch. Fortunately the seller gave me 2 wireless switches with the hub. The batteries were dead, so I’ll have to wait for tomorrow to try it with new batteries. Let’s see if I can get it connected to the hub. Otherwise indeed I will return it to IKEA.


Unfortunately didn’t get my batteries yet, so cannot test with the IKEA hub.

However I have recieved my Aqara flood sensor, so tried connecting to the Homey, unfortunately nothing happens. I still have a few unused Aqara motion sensors, so tried connecting one as a test. I have multiple Aqara motion sensors on my Homey and they always connected quickly and effortlessly. However the new one doesn’t work…
Seems my Homey cannot connect any Zigbee device anymore. I have 11 Zigbee devices connected to the Homey, this should not be near the limit. Any suggestions? Zigbee reset?

Edit; as this does not seem to be a IKEA issue, I have opened a new topic about the Zigbee issue: Cannot connect any Zigbee device anymore

Did a full Zigbee reset, now the IKEA driver paired within seconds.

OVer a year later… I discovered the same driver in my house (for the kitchen cabinet lights). Tried to connect it, even after a reset, but it fails. When powering it off and on the Homey app will search for it but eventually says: nothing found.

I’ve just installed my Homey from scratch. So I am not really in for a ZigBee reset. Any other option?