IKEA Trådfri Driver ICPSHC24-30

I have bought a new IKEA Trådfri Driver for my kitchen lightning. I paired it with my Homey once, then I paired the ”button” Ikea use for the lightning. The Homey App stopped working.
I removed the lightning from Homey App and tried to pair again not working, app couldnt find the Ikea driver.
Then I removed/reset the IKEA ””button” and tried again to pair Homey. Not working.
Act like the Ikea driver (power Supply) some how now only work with the ”button”
Anyone with the same problem?

You paired the button from IKEA to the driver ??
You can only pair the driver to 1 ZigBee network the button is separate network.

Yes I did once. Then I did a reset of the button to be removed from driver. After that I cant pair with Homey again. Feels like the driver ”remenber” the pairing with button some how.

Sounds like the wrong way around: you need to reset the driver. There’s a good chance that the button won’t work with Homey, so leave it out of the equation.

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