Pairing IKEA Tradfri


Im having some trouble with pairing some IKEA Tradfri devices.

I got 3 GU10 spots Temp+Dim version ( GU10 WS 400lm on SW2.0.022)
I cant get them to pair with homey.
I have used them on V4 but removed them some time ago so they did work with homey.
But now i cant find any way to pair them. On/Off 6 times but homey doesn’t find them.
I can pair them with my hue bridge perfectly. So the spots get in pairing mode etc.

I also have a E27 color bulb that doesn’t go in pairing mode (6 times on/off) the lamp does blink once fast and cant be found by homey or the Hue bridge.

Same goes for 3 IKEA Tradfri signal repeaters (did hold the reset button for 10 sec) but no success

My zigbee network has 11 devices in it (network on homey) and no routers but i tried connecting all devices near homey ± 30cm
I also turned off my whole zigbee network on hue bridge (Bridge + Lamps)

I cannot connect neither repeater or remote either.
What the heck is going on?

Which Zigbee-channel are you using? I had to switch to channel 11 to be able to pair some of my devices, you could try that.

I’m already on channel 11 :pensive:

@Sander24 did you find a solution?
I’m still stuck. Tried restarting homey, deleting and adding Ikea app and everything else suggested so far.
I can even add Xiaomi smart button (Zigbee) without problems.
The only thing I haven’t done is reset zigbee network, but since I can add xiaomi button, this shouldn’t be necessary :confused:

No I did add them to the hue bridge and give up trying to pair them with homey directly