Zigbee mesh tradfri response issue

Hi all,

My Zigbee devices have been very unstable (mostly IKEA Tradfri devices), i get many timeouts, rejoin network, grouping works 50% of the time, etc. etc. It works, but its far far from stable. Now im running v4.2 still. I changed the tradfri devices to get connected to a hue bridge today, and let Homey add them afterwards through the Hue app. It is still very unstable, also the hue app seems to have troubles.

Anyone having thoughts? Or are the IKEA devices just trash? My few hue bulbs (through hue brdige and homey) seem to be working very stable.

There’s your answer.

No, not the IKEA devices.

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Hi Robert, thank you for the reply.

The weird thing is that the IKEA tradfri bulbs also have stability issues if I connect them a hue bridge (they tend to be ‘unreachable’ also from time to time), so also using straight the HUE app itself.

If Homey, your Hue bridge and your home WiFi are using (almost) the same frequency, you might be having interference issues. Homey, at least on firmware v4, is using channel 11, which is overlapped by WiFi channel 1. I don’t know which channel the Hue bridge uses by default.

I have plenty of IKEA lights (also IKEA repeaters, smart sockets and remotes) in my home, which aren’t giving me any problems. But I don’t use Homey or Hue for Zigbee.

I have 10 Ikea devices and almost 20 Aqara and all works perfectly on V5 fw. Once you fix your channels as stated above and rebuild zigbee network in V5 starting with routers followed by battery devices, you should have no problems.