Setting up Tradfri versus Hue

Hi, I am setting up my new Pro 2023. Adding Hue was straightforward and easy, but I am having issues with Tradfri. Somehow Homey asks me to pair every remote, lamp or plug seperately. I have added 1 remote and 1 lamp to homey, but now they disapeared from the IKEA app. Is there a way to connect Homey with Tradfri, having access to all devices and maintaining the Tradfri app functionality?

Which ikea app for Homey do you use?

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There’s an app for the old IKEA hub (IKEA Trådfri Gateway App voor Homey | Homey). That will allow you to keep your devices in the IKEA app (I assume you mean the non-Homey app), but it’s limited to lights, sockets and blinds. It doesn’t support remotes or sensors.

If you use the new Dirigera hub: there’s no Homey support for it yet.

Then there’s the Homey IKEA app, which you are very likely using, which does not require an IKEA hub but will talk to the devices directly using the Zigbee protocol. If you use this app, the devices will disappear from your IKEA hub because they can only be in one Zigbee network. Because Homey doesn’t support Zigbee groups and binding, you will lose some functionality that the IKEA hubs offer (like grouping multiple IKEA devices into a single room/group to address them simultaneously, or binding remotes with devices/groups directly so you don’t need to create Homey flows).

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I am using the IKEA Tradfri v1.24.2 app from Athom BV

Many thanks, I think this might be the solution, I’ll try this! Such a shame this is not more straightforward TBH