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IKEA Trådfri App (by Athom)

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In the App Store a list of supported devices is shown with pictures and description in the ‘Supported devices’ list. This list is generated by the actual content of the app.


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Hi, I just bought a Homey Bridge and I connected the remote from Ikea just fine, I have not yet created a " Flow" . If I try to use the physical remote to control the light its not working. The only way to get it working is to pair the bulb ( Ikea tråfri) to the remote again. This result in that the remote is no longer control able by the Homey. Is there something I don’t understand, or is this they way it suposed to work? If so the Homey will go back to the store. Hope anyone can help.

Hi Erik,

welcome to the Homey Community!

There are two options to control a Zigbee bulb with a Zigbee remote:

  1. You have to pair both devices with the Homey Bridge and create flows.
  2. Controlling a Zigbee device with a Zigbee remote directly

*¹ As mentioned in the support article:

Not all devices support this direct connection and the devices must be connected to Homey before trying to connect them to each other.