Ikea Tradfri

Does anyone know which IKEA app is best for Homey? IKEA Tradfri Gateway or IKEA Tradfri?
As for what I can see the difference is that the 1st one uses the Tradfri hub and the app from Athom uses Zigbee from Homey.
Are there other differences?

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With the gateway/hub app, you can keep controlling your devices using their IKEA remotes, which is something that isn’t possible with you connect the devices to Homey directly.

In terms of stability, I think the hub app has the upper hand. However, you will be setting up an additional Zigbee network next to, but separated from, Homey’s, which isn’t ideal because Zigbee devices don’t mesh with devices outside of the network they are paired with.

Thx for the info.
Would it be possible to connect Tradfri to a Philips Hue Bridge?

I think that’s possible, yes. Not sure about the control devices (the remotes), though.

i can second that the gateway method is far more stable and faster.

only downside, there are less routers in you homey zigbee network, which degrades your homey zigbee mesh