Using IKEA Tradfri hub or just add IKEA lamps? - with Homey 2023

Hi, I just installed my Homey 2023 and added the Hue and Ikea apps. I have imported / added the Hue lamps that I have in my home (which where already set up in the Hue app / Hue bridge) and found it very easy to do. I like the combination of the Hue bridge and the Homey working together.

I also have a few Ikea lamps that i want to add, but I do not have a Tradfri hub (yet). My question is if there is an advantage of having a Tradfri hub working together with the IKEA lights - like I have now with the Hue lights. In that case I probaly should install a Tradfri hub first.

I hope to hear some of the recommendations regarding whether or not to install the Tradfri hub… Thanks!

There is no app for the IKEA hub (at least the current one).

Hi Robert, thanks for the reply. So just add the Ikea lamps and other devices. Are you saying that Homey is not doing anything with the Tradfri hub, if it is there or not?

The only way you can control IKEA lights with Homey is to connect them to Homey directly (using the “official” app) or use the old Tradfri hub (for which a separate app exists).

Thanks Robert, all clear to me. I am going to add the Ikea lights directly to Homey and use the official Ikea app. Great help :grin:

There is always the possibility to add the Ikea bulbs to the Hue hub if you have one of those already. You can then control the Ikea bulbs via the Hue app in Homey. That’s what I’m doing, since I had some trouble with Homey not recognizing my Ikea lights.

Ok, good to know that is an option as well. Do you see any other advantage of adding IKEA lamps to the hue app instead of directly to Homey - other than to tackle discovery issues?

Thanks Asbjon

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If you want to use Hue’s themes in the Hue app, you can do that as well. Unfortunately, Homey don’t support themes, but I don’t think it does that for Hue bulbs either. Other than that, I don’t really know :man_shrugging:
I have noticed a bit of lag when connected through the Hue hub though. Thats definitely better with a direct connection. If you use a direct connection to Homey, your bulbs will also act as a zigbee router.