Bridge and Tradfri Hub

Current situation: I have all my IKEA lights connected directly to Homey Bridge.

Preferred situation: connect the lights with the IKEA hub, and from there import and control them in Homey. The IKEA hub will assure the lamps can be controlled (because of downtime of the bridge, beta status you know :wink:) but also the lamps will be updated.

Can I connect a Tradfri hub directly to Homey? How can I then add the lights in Homey if they are connected to the ikea bridge? I want to know how it works, before I start changing my setup and re-adding devices :slightly_smiling_face:

No, the Bridge doesn’t support local network connections, which are required to control the Tradfri hub. Also, the Tradfri hub app for Homey Pro is a community app.

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