Trådfri plug in Hue brigde - Missing in homey

Cant find anything on the above.

I have 4 trådfri plugs from Ikea in my hue system, to controller lampe that have speciel bulbs. I bought an homey an imported hue but everything came into homey except the plugs!

I could just ad the plugs directly to homey but like to have all lights in one system so it’s easier to do vacation lightning and such.

Please note that 3rd party brands such as IKEA, Osram and other Friends of Hue accessories that are connected to the Hue bridge might work, but are not officially supported.

So connect the sockets directly to Homey

Just what I was looking for thanks :pray:
It’s strange because in SMT they integrated perfectly when adding hue to the Samsung hub. Strange that the official integration is so different on uniform hubs.

They’ll be in one system, Homey. It combines all connected devices, no matter how they’re connected.
You can f.i. turn off the lights in the main zone, all lights will be turned off

I prefer to use group switches, using adv. virtual devices
This way I have ‘master’ switches for each room, and for each floor / area.

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Don’t stare yourself blind on the “official” badge on Homey apps, it does not mean that Signify has anything to do with the app.

Ok i thought it’s signify that decided how the integration is to other hubs.

I don’t know about other hubs, but for Homey the app is made by Athom themselves.