Extend the Philips Hue setup with IKEA kitchen Tradfri


I am considering buying a Homey pro in order to manage a new setup. I have quite a lot of lamps and assets from Philips Hue. Now I am considering building a new kitchen at home and think that IKEA tradfri has better options for kitchen lightning. To manage Hue plus IKEA I am considering Homey to be the solution?

My question is if Homey is a good solution, can I use e.g.

  • the Philips Hue wall switch module managing both IKEA and Hue
  • Can I still manage the same groups and different light settings… or will it be a lot of work setting up complex flows?
  • should I instead go with an alternative wall switch module (are there better)?
  • how is the google home integration?

Any suggestions - thanks a million for supporting a NOOB.

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