Can homey connect to Ikea TRÅDFRI LED?

I bought this Ikea smart LED light in Sweden:
In Swedish: TRÅDFRI LED ljuskälla E14 250 lumen, trådlös dimbar varmvit/kronljus klar - IKEA
In English: TRÅDFRI LED bulb E12 250 lumen, wireless dimmable warm white/chandelier clear - IKEA

But I found my homey pro could not found this device when I choose add device for IKEA TRÅDFRI Dimmable Bulb (E14). Is there anything I missed? Do i need TRÅDFRI Wireless dimmer first in order to control the light through Homey?


The problem is that Homey needs hardcoded device identifiers to correlate an actual device with a device entry in an app. If that identifier changes (which happens, even though the device itself looks the same), Homey cannot deal with it. In other words, this is a completely new device as far as Homey is concerned, and the app needs to be updated before it’s specifically supported.

However, Homey also has (limited) generic Zigbee support. Instead of adding an IKEA device, you add a “Homey > Zigbee” device.


Thanks for your prompt response. Homey → Zigbee works!

Thank you so much & Happy new year :smiley: