IKEA Trådfri connections to Homey


I have reached the limit on my IKEA gateway its perhaps possible to install two gateways, my question is not that. I installed IKEA E14 dimmable led (1835C6) directly on the Homey via the app IKEA trådfri by AThom B.V… Homey says that it is not recognizing the unit and installs it as an unknown Zigbee unit. I can turn the light on and off but i cannot dim or change the color tone. Cannot find the light bulb in the app.

Am i doing it all wrong? Or is there an update to be expected in the app

Looking forward to your response

/ Kent

The latter. Please email athom support. They are the dev of the app.

It could be that the bulb you have has a newer ID than Athom added in the app.
You could contact Athom support to report the IDs of your device so they can add it to the app.

Also pls report your Homey firmware and IKEA App version if you want more help from the community.

Like stated here.

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I filed a request as you said, let see what can be achieved

Is it the candle color temperature bulb? As far I know it isn‘t supported yet.