New Ikea Trådfri e14 dimmable and tunable only connects as "generic zigbee device"

I don’t know how new it is but it says “new” on ikeas home page. Device ID is LED1835C6
I was just wondering if this is meant to work or if it will in the near future? I’m only able to add it as a generic zigbee device so I can only toggle on/off. I don’t own a Trådfri gateway so I’m connecting it straight to homey. The gateway isn’t exactly expensive but I’m a bit fed up with having separate gateways for everything… the reason I bought Homey in the first place =)

You’d have to ask the developer of the IKEA app, which is Athom. They have a device request form that you might be able to use.

Alright, thanks :blush:

Hi, did you make an request?
I’m stuck with the same problem…