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Ikea Tradfri E27 tunable/dimmable bulb supported?

Hi all,

I cannot get the Ikea Tradfri bulb below connected (directly to Homey, I do not want to use their gateway).

Does anyone know if it is supported? I thought this was the tunable buld that Athom is referring to on the particular app page, but I am afraid it isn’t. The app page doesn’t give itemnumbers, so that makes it more difficult to determine…

Anyone having any experience with this bulb?

Unfortunately I don’t have experience with this specific type of bulb.

My experience with the IKEA TRADFRI bulbs is that some of them are a bit tough to add to Homey. Most of my bulbs were added instantly, but some of them I had to reset more than 10 times before they even tried to pair with Homey.

I guess you are well-known with the reset method of these bulbs, so I don’t have to explain it to you :wink: But just in case, 6 times off-and-on with 1 second interval normally does the trick for me.

While adding one of my bulbs, I got too frustrated, so I added it to my Philips Hue gateway. After that, I retried to connect it to Homey and it connected at the first try.

So no answer on your question, but only sharing my experiences :slight_smile:

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I got it working!
The Ikea app in Homey says to switch it 1 time off/on, but that has to be 6 times. Make sure you end with ON.
Start with the ON. Then: off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on. The it will flicker/pulsate to indicate it is in learning mode.
I fount it not very easy to get it that far, so keep trying.
Then you can add it in the Ikea app.
All functions work: on/off, dimming and 8 color temperatures.


Does the Tradfri E27 Tunable White 1000 Lumens, work with the ikea app by Athom?

This e27 with 1055lm dimmable and white to yellow is the only bulb that doesn´t work
Is this model not supported at the moment or am i doing something wrong?

It’s likely not supported (as always, can you find it on the app page?).

Well i thought it is the e27 white bulb.
I tried every bulb and no i have it working.
It is called “standard zigbee device” but everything works.

The Produkt-ID is now showing this name: The TRADFRIbulbE27WSglobeopal1055lm

That means it’s not supported by the IKEA app itself, but by the generic Homey light bulb implementation (which only supports on/off and dim, but that’s enough for your light bulb).