Homey Pro 2023 - IKEA Trådfri Dimmable bulb E27 does not work

Not possible to connect the IKEA Trådfri Dimmable bulb E27.
RGB Bulb (E27) works though…

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That’s not much info, what is going wrong? Is it one of the newer e27 lights that are not supported yet? You have to be more specific.

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Was the lamp correctly reset?

I’ve got the same problem

I recently bought the lamps and already Connected them via the Ikea remote

I turned the light 6 times on or of to set the in the instal mode

I also had issues connecting these bulbs. After trying several times I succeeded though. You have to switch the bulb on and off 6 times (starting the bulb switched on). Nothing new. But the “on” states however must be short, half a second or even less. If the lamp goes in pairing mode it will shine a little bit brighter. Good luck!

Same here with all IKEA Trädfri bulbs. In general switching them off and on twice never has worked for me. Switching them off and on for 6 times, time and again works to reset the bulb. Then it is somewhat a hit or miss if Homey finds them. If found and added to the system, they continue to work

Yes the dimmable bulb E27 is newly bought from IKEA.

The same also goes for dimmable E14 bulbs (newly bought from IKEA)

Oh yes, On-Off 6 times , tried different speeds and so but no success

No problems here, i just connected them as generic zigbee lights. They only have a dimming capability anyway.

I have also tried to connect them as generic Zigbees but with no success, strange… :thinking:

Because why? What happens when you try to connect the lamp? Is an error displayed?

Please restart Homey or do a PTP and try it again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact Athom support.

Nothing happens when I try to connect, no error message at all. I’ve tried restart but will try a PTP, thanks for caring :pray:

Have you got your bulbs connected?
I just bought this and can’t get it connected:

Try to pair it as a generic zigbee device, when the pairing isn’t successful restart homey and try it again. And please read the ikea pairing instructions to the letter because one more or less turning on or off f’s the pairing process.

Have you updated the (Homey) Ikea app recently?
It has been updated recently with added support for certain E27 bulbs:

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Hi, yes I updated the (Homey) Ikea app and tried to add a Trådfri dimmable bulb E27 but could only add it as a Generic light.

Okay, that’s too bad.
Please file a support request at Athom then, as they are the developer of this app.
Don’t forget to mention the details (incl Ikea part number) of the bulb.

Paired as a generic zigbee light, you can turn it On/Off, dim it and change colors.
If that’s all you need, there’s no need for an app.