Tradfri Ikea Lamp

I have been using a E27 dimable lamp from Ikea. It has been working well since February with my Homey. Now with the last 2 updates from Homey, I had to remove the lamp and reinstall it. As a consequence the flows had to be re-written. In my case it is particularly awkward, as the lamp is connected to an old switch and I have to take the lamp physically to newer switch to reconnect it to Homey.

Is this Problem more widely experienced, or is it related to the Zigbee issue discussed elswhere. In that case: does the nearby Plugwise router act as a router for the Tradfri lamp?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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I’ve just started using Homey and also have several Tradfri lights. In the 2 weeks I’m using Homey now, I’ve had 3 times that multiple (possibly all) lights did not work anymore.
After deleting and reinstalling (like you did) it worked again, but is was cumbersome. After that I found out that I could restart the Tradfri app and with me that fixes the issues without having to reprogram.

Hi thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that the restart did work sometimes, but not today and also not a number of days ago.
regards H2

There are many threads about the issues you have.
Search the forum on zigbee isseus.