Ikea Trådfri bulb adding issues

Just bought a new e14 tunable white bulb and try to add it to my homey but it says that no app exists for the device and it is added as a standard zigbee device. I already have two of these lamps added so I’m not really sure what the problem is. Has Ikea updated their devices so the app is no longer working?

That u can see when added as standard device.
Go to the settings of the bulb when added as standard device and check the ID’s.

How does that information help me? Is there some referensce list I can compare this to? This is what the information says (names translated from swedish):
Manufacturer-ID: IKEA of Sweden
Product-ID: TRADFRI bulb E14 WS 470lm
Unit-ID: 268
Profile-ID: 260
Networkaddress: 0x680ae2fffec1db5b

I have the same bulb and is facing the same problem. When I look at Ikea’s home page it says “new” on this particular lamp bulb.

It works to turn the lamp on and off but color and brightness can not be adjusted.

I have the same issue… to use these 470lm Tuneable white E14 I have to use a HUE hub. Is there another solution or IKEA app update?

I think I do… but as I just heard about it I have not yet managed to find the RC

Lools good when on RC 26, took me a few minutes how to set the “developer thing” on my account

I hope you don’t have any Aqara devices.

Well, I do but I do not need them at this moment. Do you know if there is a set date for the release of V5?

I don’t think even Athom knows when it’s ready to release :grimacing:

Looks like i have similar issues as described here.
I have bought 7 Tradfri LED E14 Bulbs (IKEA part.no. LED19149C5), and I cannot get them properly paired with my Homey

I have followed the pairing procedure, as well as reset-before-parimng metyhod
Only once was I able to get it registered in Homey, but as a generic Zigbee device :-\

My questions are:
A. What device should I select for this bulb: E14 dimmable, or E14 tuneable?
(I would say tuneable, as the bulb supports both dimming and changing light temperature…?)
B. Anyone has seen this issue before and has a solution for this?
C. How can I check the version of the Tradfri app on my Homey?

I use:

  • Homey 2016 on7.2.1
  • Ikea Tradfri app 1.14.3

Thanks for your help !

I had the same issue today. So it seems to exist already a long time by looking at the first post date and no real solution has been found.

I can control the bulb (on/off/dimming) but it’s annoying when you want to command al the lights in a room since these devices are not seen as lights. Woud be nice to have a solution. Now doing some additional flow steps to get the desired result.

Cheers Sander

Then set it as a light, it should work.

Oh, nice, thanks. I did not notice this possibility. Just started with homey pro. I’m quite pleased with it.

Many thanks for your quick response.


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