Strange Zigbee routing behaviour


I’m currently integrating my office into my Garage which is something like 10m away from my house.

Next to my garage/office is a Ikea power plug with a very good connectivity directly to homey and in my office there is also a ikea repeater next to a window.

I just installed 3x RGBW bulbs from Ikea and I did the learning at the power plug without any problems.

But the routing is very strange now:

Quite often all the bulbs are connecting directly to homey which makes no sense at all if you ask me (separated buildings with 2x very thick walls of 50cm)
Right now, like you can see in the screenshot 2 of 3 are routed via repeater.

Is there anything else I can do? Any options to influence the routing / mesh?



It’s normal for router devices in a Zigbee mesh to connect to multiple other routers, including the controller (Homey). It’s a bit of a mystery how Athom decides which route to show for a device on the developer page (shortest? first? random? who knows), but you’re not being shown the full state of the mesh.

In comparison, here’s my Zigbee mesh (I use deCONZ, not Homey):

For instance, the IKEA repeater “Gang” in the bottom right is connected to 13 other devices, including a direct connection to the controller (top right, “Configuration tool 21”). Homey’s developer page would just show one connection.

Apart from that, there’s nothing you can really do to control routing in a Zigbee network. In my experience, the IKEA devices will continue to find additional/optimal routes once they are added to a network, and it may very well be that your devices also have other routes besides the direct connection to Homey. They just can’t be shown in the flat visualisation that Athom has opted for.


Hi Robert, thx for your input.
I was expecting this…so I have to wait and see if the routing improves in future while using the bulbs.

I was also thinking about placing a repeater within a water tight box between the two buildings ,-)

Well, like I said: the devices may already have better/more logical routes. It’s just that the current visualisation is unable to show them.

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