Zigbee and channels

After six months with 60 IKEA bulbs and 20 Phillips bulbs directly on Homey Zigbee, I gave up. Initially I moved them from the Phillips hub and IKEA hub for some other stability issues with them. The issue was random execution of commands, and bulbs not responding. Initially the performance on Homey was OK, but it deteriorated with each firmware updated, and I wasted much time trying to insert delays and redundant on/off commands.

After migrating all my bulbs back to both IKEA hub and Phillips hub were they belonged, I notice that performance is way better. IKEA still have issue with their app, but Zigbee performance has improved. For Phillips there is now an option to change the Zigbee channel, and when I changed from the default 11 to 15 the fog lifted and all bulbs became snappy and happy. I think that in addition to the Zigbee rewrite, an option to move the channel is needed.

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It is being worked on, they say. But that is an excuse that I have heard for more than a year. Apparently it is not a priority despite the many complaints.

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OR It is being worked on, and taking this long because it IS a big priority, and taken very seriously


The hue changes the channel apparently automatically because it’s at 15 at my home, but i haven’t changed it ever.

But I agree, zigbee rewrite is important, but for it is mostly important to be able to support more devices, like some remote switches IKEA provides.

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Rightly or wrongly I have been holding off buying Homey Pro because of this apparent problem and with talk of Zigbee rewrite I’ve just waited. Is it possible to use all my Philips Hue bulbs and switches with Homey but via the actual Hue Hub? If so what is the benefit of connecting them directly to homey?

Yes that’s possible. There are two apps. One app for using the hub, and the other for using direct connection through zigbee protocol. The benefit of using the direct connection approach is it builds upon the mesh of homey itself. This way you can combine the light bulbs of HUE, IKEA and other Zigbee devices in one mesh which should increase the coverage of the network (every bulb is a router). The downside (for me at least) was the reception. The direct connected light bulbs did not respond that well. Now I have finally executed on the antenna mod so maybe it has been resolved, but I’m using the hub for Hue quite happily. I’m not that happy with the IKEA hub app, so maybe i’m going to transfer them back to homey.

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Thanks for reply, that makes sense. Having everything going through Homey probably allows for a better overall smart home experience

Why not transfer the Ikea bulbs to Hue hub?
I have done that with great result

Thats an interesting idea, do the remotes then also work? IKEA remotes I mean?

Should not be a problem to connect those, have not tried it since I don`t have any Ikea remotes

It will work, but remember the Ikea remote only toggles power. So if an Ikea remote is paired to two bulbs, and only one of them is turn on by Homey then when using the Ikea remote to to turn it off will turn on the other one. :grin:

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Looked at some youtubs, but seems to work. That’s great! I’ll try and transfer all my IKEA bulbs and remotes to HUE.

It’s not that IKEA hub doesn’t work, but the app in Homey gives me a lot of troubles, and the developer has left the project I think :frowning:, but it’s all charity work… so no ones to blame.