Homey Zigbee or IKEA

In the process to upgrade to Homey 2023. I have a lot of IKEA bulbs but other Zigbee devices as well. I have seen notices that there are beta bugs with Homey 2023 and Zigbee? Is that still a fact?
Should I move all IKEA stuff to Homey or should i keep the IKEA hub?
I have both IKEA and Aeotec Zigbee range extender

TIA / Kent

I guess you should keep the Ikea hub in the loop for a while (and if the Ikea zigbee mesh works fine, why move zigbee to Homey?).

This is status about the known issues among other useful info:

“and if the Ikea zigbee mesh works fine, why move zigbee to Homey?”

Yep, thats the corect question :grinning:
My thought was maybe that it would be better with only one hub.
I also want to use IKEA switches to control other stuff, eg outlets, that are not IKEA.

But the MOST important is stability, my wife will hurt me if things stop working after upgrade :grinning:

Ow wow, this is getting serious, m8;
You shouldn’t use an ‘early access’ device inside your home at all :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Always start in the shed!!:facepunch:

With my Pro 2019 I found out you can’t mix any zigbee brand/type you like; I hope, for your health, this is less of a problem with the Pro 2023 (after the beta months).

It’s about preferences imho. Some don’t want any additional hub, others keep f.i. their Hue hub, while you can still use your lights when Homey has an off day.
Sometimes a hub is mandatory (like tado, Somfy io).

You can run 2 or 3 zigbee controllers if you like, as long as you tune their channels and your 2.4GHz wifi channel so they interfere the least.
And you’ll have to create a proper mesh network for each.

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So you meaan that HPearly 2023 is still in a “beta phase”?
Do you know when its supposed to be “stable”

Nobody knows that, probably even athom doesn’t know yet😂

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So, your recommendation to have a stable environment is to keep my 2019 8.1.6 HP and let the 2023 rest a while longer?

Yes, it is still a beta product, and you are part of the public test team.
Isn’t that announced when you purchased it?

When you don’t like injuries :relieved:, I’d stick with the 2019 as daily driver, and test & play with the 2023, until the major issues with zigbee and other stuff you’d like to use, are solved.

You can use the IKEA trådfri gateway app to add devices connected tot the trådfri hub to homey and control them. Don’t know if the switches/dimmers are, or will be supported…