Philips Hue Bridge V2 and zigbee

Hi guys,

Question about Philips Hue Bridge V2 and zigbee.

I have some zigbee devices (Ikea and INNR) in a zigbee mesh on channel nr. 20. See the picture below.

I have just installed the Philips Hue app (with Bridge V2) on Homey and moved all the Philips lights to Homey. Because I did not see them popping up in Developer in the Zigbee section, I decided to change the channel in the Philips Hue app on my phone to nr. 20, the same channel as Homey has for the Ikea and INNR devices.

Is that okay? Or will the lights never show up in Developer under Zigbee because they are controlled via the Bridge? Should the channel be the same or should I change the channel in the Hue app back to what it was?

I’m new to Homey and all the gizmo’s involved so bear with me please,…




Okay thanks Roy, so I should better change the channel in the Hue app back to what it was?

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It’s like @RoyWissenburg says. The bridge has it’s own Zigbee network on it’s own network. So it would be better to have it on a completely different network than 20. Now it overlaps and could mess each other.

Thanks guys, changing it back right now! :+1:

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Now, since v5 has the zigbee rewrite, you could try and move the stuff over to homey. Then they’ll all be part of the same zigbee network and all will be listed in the developers site.

But would I have to remove the Bridge in that scenario?

No, but it would be a bit useless since there are no devices connected to it anymore. But that’s up to you.

I have changed the channel to 25. As long as I can use the lights in a flow it’s fine with me. I’ll keep the bridge, just in case I would want to disconnect it from Homey and reconnect it to Google Home.

Thanks Roy,
as I said I’ll keep the Bridge. The Zigbee works fine for me. I use Z-Wave mostly anyway with other stuff. As long as I can use the lights in flows I’m fine. Thanks!


Hi @Wim_van_Bezouw, you mention Google Home. Homey can also work with Google Home so you can set it up so that you can tell Google Home to turn on / off a light etc. this way too.

Thanks Johan, yes I know. I have that in a routine in Google Home. When I say Hey Google, goodnight, Google turns off the TV and amplifier, closes the window screen and turns off the lights. As soon as the Loqed smartlock comes out, I want to add that too so the door is closed automatically. Nice stuff!