How to connect Philips Hue (or Ikea) Bridge to Homey?

I have searched for the answer with no result…

Everyone is talking about the advantage to use the bridge, but I cant find how to connect it.
I don’t see the bridge in the app…

I understand that the best thing is to set up all Hue stuff to the bridge first, and after connecting it to Homey use the bridge from Homey in different flows…

  • Best functionallity
  • You get less covered mesh network
  • One need more stuff for the otherwise “All systems covering Homey”


  1. What is the best way to connect the Hue bridge to Homey?
    How do I set this up?! (what App and
  2. How will I see the Hue Scenes made in the bridge for use in Homey flows?
  3. Are there more systems like Philips or Ikea that needs extra hw for best use with Homey? (inside or outside the zigbee std)

Go to devices, add device, choose Philips Hue and after that u can select a bridge. When button is pushed on the bridge ur bulbs shows up.

Ah, good point. Missed the part of the app.
Like Roy stated, make sure u take the correct app.

Many thanks!

That explains a lot…
(I never saw/looked for the Athom app… ) :crazy_face:

You saved my weekend! :partying_face:

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